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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Account transfer

Ever wanting to transfer account to another phone?

To do that you will need:

1. Alliance Code of Old Character (With Screenshot)

2. Alliance Code of New Character (With Screenshot)

3. CS code of Old Character (With Screenshot)

4. CS code of New Character (With Screenshot)

5. Contact Gamevil

*By New = character on the new phone. 
Old = your main character.

NOTE: Never give your CS code to anyone.
Ask Gamevil how you should privately show the screenshots to them as proof.

Alliance code can be obtained from your character page

CS code can be obtain by following these steps

1. Go to the Start page

2. Press the "i" button on the bottom right

3. The Game info will show your CS code needed for account transfer

Finally, you will need to contact Gamevil

2. New Method (Gamevil Official Transfer Form)

Using Gamevil USA customer support easy contact.

Transfer Form:

Customer support: