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Friday, May 31, 2013

Outer and Infinite Teasers

Here are some images of Outer and Infinite rank monsters.

Sorry for low quality images

Image Credit: [BOC]Rich68

Sorry missing out on Holy Infinite.

Fire Outer
Name Prediction: Deimos

Fire Infinite
Name Prediction: Persephone

Water dude
Name Prediction: S-Perseus

Water Infinite
Name Prediction: Athena

Air Outer
Name Prediction: S-Ferrir

Airhead girl Infinite
Name Prediction: Mach

Earth Outer
Name Prediction: S-Juggernaut

Earth Infinite (Twintails version)
Name Prediction: Morrian

Dark Outer
Name Prediction: Hades

Dark Infitnite
Name Prediction: Aphrodite

Holy Outer
Name Prediction: S-Helios

Holy Infinite
Name Prediction: Artemis


Elder Rank Monsters

The new elder monster have been released.

Along with an event mostly catered for the veteran players and the spenders of the game.

Image Source: Gamevil USA Facebook

The background of this image shows that dungeon is approaching.

It likely shows that the dungeon is a progression quest that brings the player deeper and deeper into the dungeon.

Anyway, back to the Elder rank monsters.

Some may have noticed that the supreme monsters and the elder monsters have a significant gap between their stats. 

Let us compared Phobos (Fire supreme) with Ares (Fire Elder).

Unlike the usual x3 multiplier per rank up. The jump in stats from Supreme to Elder is x4 !

Try it yourself, divide the stats and be amaze!

Fire Elder

Water Elder

Air Elder

Earth Elder

Dark Elder

Holy Elder

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monster Warlord Dungeon announcement

What can we expect for this new upcoming feature?

My guess is that this dungeon is similar to other energy based games where energy is used to progress floors in the dungeon. Bosses will pop out and your are supposed to kill the bosses with your stamina.

Prizes would be jewels or common monsters, as I have asked Gamevil to include strong common monsters as reward. (Hope they will)

Rumored release date: 10 June 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

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