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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silchas's road to 300 (Updated 7 Feb 2013)

Hi all lets meet his low spender old guy Silchas.


Alliance code: 113 748 0625

He is currently asking for help to be the 1st or 2nd person to reach lvl 300 in the game.

What can you do to help?

Well you can hit him once per day or any number of times you want provided that you have under 2 million attack.

And he will summon bosses daily for you guys.

Plus, the person who hit the most for the day (In his opinion) will get to choose the time for the summon.

He will be updating his progress with me regularly.

Silchas' shoutout

Come to think of it...

My Help LeeStaR program does not have a reward.

I will post the code of regular helpers that let me drain my stamina.

All the best and enjoy leveling!

Monday, January 28, 2013

BIG Disappointment (Pastar - Drift)

BIG Disappointment

Well today. When the world boss was down. Top 2 attackers Pastar and Drift had issues.

Both had promised to rank 1 and share sGod reward. 

Pastar claims to have accidently pressed an extra hit.

Well this caused an uproar.

WHAT?!  Coldfire1234 !

Here is what Pastar wrote on Drift's wall after it has calmed a little.

These are some of the screenshots. Whether he did it on purpose or on accident? I do not know.


Have you ever seen something like this in the game?


Well that [something] stands for the clan name.

One of the first clans in MW was called [Ace]

Well, It got disbanded because of too many random people joining it.

1. How to join a clan?

Ask a guild leader of a clan.

2. If they accept you. What next?

You will have to save up 30 jewels for a name change. Ask the guild members how to write the guild name properly. Then write it.

3. What if I join without consulting or getting permission. 

Some guild members will abuse you with insults or same tamer guild will not care

4. What?! There's no official clan system?

Yup. Right now. Me and [Ext]Chikn are trying to get gamevil to get us one.

5. Need their codes? 

Get it from my chatty alliance post.


1. [Ace]    

Founder: [Ace]Anna      I 'm pretty sure

Official members: (1) [Ace] Lucky.M
                              (2) [Ace] Borja

This one the oldest guild I know. As I said disbanded because of the flooding of unknown people.

2. [©®€]    

Founder: ®€]Dawg                a.k.a. Redawg       <--- Leader     

Famous members: (1)  [©®€] Stub               a.k.a. Stubbz
                                  (2)  ®€] Silc                 a.k.a Silchas
                                  (3) ®€]Matt
                                  (4) ®€]Fsun

Official members: (1) ®€]Clam
                                (2) ®€]Osc
                                (3) ®€]Alv~

Requirements to join: I member requirement was 2 mil minimum damage. Ask Dawg when you see him. Btw, found that pic from the interweb.

Meaning of ®€]  ?  Knowing dawg. It most probably Copyrighted and reserved Erection :p

3. [Ex]

Founder: [Ex]Nash     (Quited)               

Famous members: (1)  [Ex]Siro         <-- Leader
                             (2) [Ex]Chikn      <---General
                             (3) [Ex]★1D
                             (4) [Ex]LuNa

Meaning of [Ex]?  Hmm . Extreme X-rated team? Excaliber? Hmm..

4. [HD]

Founder: [HD] Mad GZA     a.k.a. Trixie                <--- Might be leader, or just the Great&Powerful Trixie)

Famous members: (1) [HD] JinnyQ

Rather new guild. [HD] ? High Def? Heavy Duty? Hipsters Den? Hot Dude/Dudettes?

Apparently: Honorable Destruction...

I preferred Hot dudes and dudettes =3=


Founder: [InDo]☆FX☆

Official members: (1) [InDo]TwinY
                            (2) [InDo]★Zyg

[InDo] stands for Indonesia. Its a country.

6. ITK

Founder: ITK♠|Leon   &  ITKMudokon   

Official members:   (1) ITKStifler
                             (3) ITK♠SunGod
                             (2) ITK♠Raven

 ITKis officially known as ITalian Knights. 

7. [LTE]                                   


Famous members: (1) [LTE] Warp
                             (2) [LTE] Angel
                             (3) [LTE]-il

[LTE] is a Korean clan. It came out after [Ace] clan surfaced. 

Possible meaning of LTE = Long Term Evo

8. [THAI]


Famous members: (1) [THAI]JaBa     [729 942 5365]

[THAI] Stands for Thailand. Its a country. Search it up.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alliance chat members alliance!

Bored with no one to talk to?

No high level bosses to hit?

You can find these guys and girls on monster warlord chat.

*LeeStaR*                                 4037556127

[Ace]LuckyM                            817 941 3980             -Quited

[Ace]Asura86                              738 554 4369

[Ace]*Borja*                               101 030 1900

[BA]Alv                                          736 120 1886               (BA recruiter)

[BA]Silc                                          113 748 0625               (Alv's partner *wink)

[BA]Royal                                     242 034 2988          A.k.a. Royalmon

[BA]BORO                                   534 735 7900

[BA]Sean                                      705 213 2308         - Only accepts lvl 170 above

[BOC]RICH68W                           007 481 0006

[CD]Railbot                                 030 705 7100

[CRE]Kage                                  138 276 0625

[CRE]Dawg                                  422 633 6240            (CRE leader)

[CRE]Fsun                                     502 966 6746

[CRE]K/ng                                631 385 2346               (CRE recruiter)  (Rapper)

[Ext]Chikn                                 804 879 0467      

[Ext]Siro                                     315 124 2444

[HD]Trixie                                   218 774 6225    - A.K.A. Trixie      (HD leader)

[HD]Jinny                                     146 870 0602

[Mlg]Kaweem                              412 168 1365

[SMD]Beast74                             214 133 0308

[THAI]Jaba                                    729 942 5365            (THAI leader)

ShadowRoa                                  315 444 5561

ITKMudokon                431 561 0006

Tucks                                             512 813 6625     A.K.A. Nong Poy

Angewmon♡                                326 840 2142

♡Archer♡                                       330 676 7025

Friday, January 11, 2013

New ideas sent to gamevil

1. Include Alliance code on player info. (For many purposes, reducing wall spam and easy add)

2. Easier browsing of alliance list.

3. Wider range for ranking rewards on World Boss (Top 5%, Top 500, If Gamevil feels generous an even wider range of ranking reward given)

How to contact Gamevil

This links are provided by Gamevil

Dear Gamer,

Thank you for contacting GAMEVIL USA, Inc.

In order to provide a quicker and more efficient service, please classify your inquiry and click the subsequent link in order to submit a report. Upon submission of the form, an e-mail will be sent with an update of your inquiry within 2-3 days. Due to the high volume of e-mails, our response may be delayed. However, please be patient as all e-mails will be processed.

1. Report Bugs

For all business inquiries, please send an e-mail to, and for all press inquiries, please send an e-mail
If you are interested in joining GAMEVIL, please forward your resumes to

Best regards,
Checkout more GAMEVIL Games on Google Play and iTunes.
Connect with us at:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mix combination guide


Paintballin's Monster Warlord Combinations Guide

Here is a link to another blog for a guide on other parts of Monster Warlord by LeeStar

This is a link to the Official Gamevil Forum Thread for the same thing:

Here is my guide to combining monsters on Monster Warlord:

Also add me in Monster Warlord 123 100 6421

This is a guide for successful combining only. If it fails it will change into a random monster of the same level.

Any two of the same type will make the same type, Air + Air = Air
Other than that here are the other combinations:

Air + Dark = Earth
Air + Earth = Air
Air + Fire = Water
Air + Holy = Fire
Air + Water = Holy

Dark + Air = Earth
Dark + Earth = Dark
Dark + Fire = Holy
Dark + Holy = Water
Dark + Water = Fire

Earth + Air = Air
Earth + Dark = Dark
Earth + Fire = Fire
Earth + Holy = Holy
Earth + Water = Water

Fire + Air = Water
Fire + Dark = Holy
Fire + Earth = Fire
Fire + Holy = Earth
Fire + Water = Dark

Holy + Air = Fire
Holy + Dark = Water
Holy + Earth = Holy
Holy + Fire = Earth
Holy + Water = Air

Water + Air = Holy
Water + Dark = Fire
Water + Earth = Water
Water + Fire = Dark
Water + Holy = Air

If you want the other way around where I start with the success here is the list:

Air = Air + Earth
Air = Holy + Water

Dark = Dark + Earth
Dark = Fire + Water

Earth = Air + Dark
Earth = Fire + Holy

Fire = Air + Holy
Fire = Fire + Earth
Fire = Dark + Water

Holy = Air + Water
Holy = Dark + Fire
Holy = Earth + Holy

Water = Air + Fire
Water = Dark + Holy
Water = Earth + Water

If I have something wrong please tell me and I will happily correct it. Thank you.

-Paintballin (123 100 6421)

Famous MW rumors

Combination curse

When you decide to combine today,

On the 1st try you failed,

You will experience multiple failures.

Bad luck comes in a string. Continuous failure, you will experience.

So, stop combining when your 1st try of the day fails.

Wait 20 hours before you try again.

Good day

Similar to combination curse. If 1st combination succeeds quickly do another.

It will can pass on max of 3 in a row.

Combination hot time

Increased chance on combination. Combine at 10 pm EST sharp.

These are rumors from a few people and personal experience =p

Leveling techniques

Stamina buddy system

Tired of leveling at a slow pace. Fear no more !

Stamina buddy is here !

Now what is this stamina buddy?

Well stamina buddy are the allies in Monster Warlord which you can exchange attacks on each other.

Preferably defense low enough for you to hit, and same goes for the other party.

The more you fight with your friend, the more exp you will gain.

Exp gained per hit ranges from 1~5. On average you will gain 3 exp per hit.

How to use

1) Get someone you trust.

2) Completely drain your stamina a.k.a. keep hitting that friend while your friend heals when his/her health falls below 26 hp.

3) Your friend's turn. Or you could repay later when your friend needs it.

Quest optimizing

Do quests until you have mastered them. Mastery gives lots of exp, so remember to do so.

Secret technique

The fastest legal leveling technique. Shall be kept secret. Shh.

Get banned technique

Use hack and await ban. jumps from level 1 - 100 in few minutes.

HELP OUT ☆LeeStaR★ !
If you would like to help me out in my leveling,
Allow me to drain my stamina on you.
Whether its 10 hits or 50 or 100, I'll be happy :D

If you are of low attack, you could attack me to give me some exp and drain your hp for boss fight rewards.

If you are unable to hit me, please send me a message .

Thank you. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.