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Monday, June 24, 2013

Dungeon Information

There are a few dungeons that are known. Level 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 320, 340 dungeons

Below shown are the Level 200 and Level 320 dungeon.

Your character level may be related to the accessibility of dungeons.

*Dungeon level range is 50 below your level and 100 above your level.

Level 50 dungeon

The reward system

The more damage you do, the higher the reward you will receive

Reward ranking starts from F rank to S rank

You will receive an extra reward if you make the final killing blow

The Dungeons gets harder as its level increases, but the reward increases along with the dungeon level.

Reward list from

Tony : [UR] TØN¥

Rank F  -  0.0-0.2% No Reward
Rank B  -  0.3-1.0%
Rank A  -  1.1-4.0%
Rank S  -  4.1 and up

Top Reward -   Chaos
Rank B - Rare
Rank A - Epic
Rank S - Lengend or better*
Final Attack Reward - Epic

PHOBOS Level 100
Top Reward - God
Rank B - Rare, Epic
Rank A - Legend, Ancient
Rank S - Chaos or better*
Final Attack Reward - Legend

Top Reward - sGod
Rank B - Legend/Ancient
Rank A - Chaos
Rank S - Ultimate or better*
Final Attack Reward - Ancient

HELIOS Level 200
Top Reward - SSGod
Rank B - Ancient
Rank A - Chaos
Rank S - Ultimate or better*
Final Attack Reward - Chaos

PERSEUS Level 250
Top Reward - SSGod
Rank B - Chaos
Rank A - Ultimate
Rank S - God or better*
Final Attack Reward - Ultimate

FENIR Level 300
Top Reward - UGod?
Rank B - Chaos
Rank A - Ultimate
Rank S - God or better*
Final Attack Reward - God?

Well, Time for me to add on (!BA]LeeStar)

DULLAHAN Level 320
Top Reward - UGod
Rank B -Ultimate
Rank A - God 
Rank S - sGod or better
Final Attack Reward - sGod

ARES Level 340
Top Reward - Supreme
Rank B - God?
Rank A - sGod?
Rank S - SS-God or better?
Final Attack Reward - SSGod?

*rewards will be random from Rank S to Top Reward

This isnt 100% correct, but pretty darn close. this is what information i have been getting from other people. feel free to make changes. MANY thanks to [SoL]BuNiT for helping me out. hope this is helpful :)

How to find a dungeon?

Do any quest. Yes any. There is a low chance of encountering a dungeon. It is uncertain whether or not higher level missions increase the chance of Dungeon encounter.

Below is what you would see if you were to encounter a Special Dungeon.

*Thanks you [BA]Sian½ for the picture

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Account fixes

For those who have their account "deleted" by the new patch.

To fix this issue, simply go to the main menu and click on server,

 If you are in global server, click the word global and reselect global.

This will fix the account "delete" issue.

Thank You.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dungeon Info

From Gamevil Facebook

Monster Warlord: The long awaited DUNGEON is COMING SOON!!
What does lie ahead of this world of darkness?

Encounter monsters at the tail end of the dungeon!
Gather forces, defeat monsters, and receive monsters based on rank!

1. While questing, a random event will trigger the Dungeon mode!
2. You can also join a Dungeon that another player found (The max number of participants per dungeon is 200.)
3. Rank is determined by damage contribution. You may receive Uncommon to the top monsters based on your ranking.
4. Find the Dungeon and you'll receive a reward!
5. Deliver the final blow to the boss and you'll receive a reward!

Assemble the best monster squad and dominate the dungeon!
Defeat the evil monsters inside and be the ultimate Monster Warlord!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

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2. Game Related and Tricks              
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     - Easy switch between server
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3. Alliance goodies 
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Thank You :D