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Monday, July 29, 2013

WB down and mystery BA player

WB down 

Yesterday, two BA players  took the world boss down in less than 2 hours.

[BA]Denyas vs [BA]HentaiKyros

Reason is  because [BA]Denyas is rich and wants to show off to his new love: [BA]???? aka Chrishan.

[BA]Kyros is ...well he needed to watch his ... show

Here is Chrishan!!

Many complains about Chrishan obtaining top rank in attacks.

Not to worry, Chrishan is not a hacker but a big spender, a 5 digit spender...

Thank you.

Signing out,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plus monster Info + BIG BANG 2.0 update

Plus Monster can be obtained by:

1. Eggs (High chance)
2. Failed Combines
3. By combining + with another +

Credit: [BA]Kyros for picture

As of now, only Earth element plus are available.
Below are the pictures of the monsters:

Everybody loves Big Bang

Monster warlord Big Bang update

1. Combines rate (permanent?) increased to 40% for normal combine and 100% for special combine (jewel combine)

FYI: 40% combine rate means 2.5 combines for a success meaning on average 
about 3.5 ancient combines ==> 1 chaos
due to obtaining an ancient from each failure

2. Leave your suggestions and opinion on the game.
Click here to go to suggestion and opinion forum page.

Remember to register 1st :  Gamevil Forum Registration

3. Every week the Game Masters will pick 100 players and give them 50 jewels. 

Winners will be chosen from the Forum !

4. Like Gamevil Monster Warlord official fan page to increase the daily jewels!

Click Like on: Monster Warlord Gamevil Fan Page (click link to be directed to official fan page)

Monday, July 22, 2013

New upcoming update (Plus Monsters)

New monsters to be released.

Lets see what Gamevil says:

"These Plus Mosters are available at every level and is not a new, more powerful tier of units."

O.o Realizing this, these are high probable monsters that will be reward on "Normal Bosses".

I sent a mail to Gamevil months ago requesting for this. They sent the idea to the main headquaters, so lets hope its that.

Update: (25 July 2013, Pacific Time Zone) "Something HUGE is happening this Thursday (7/25), An unprecedented event of Monster Warlord that will change the face of the universe as it stands. You've been warned. Spread the word.

Link: Facebook MW fans page (New Plus Monsters)

Link: Gamevil forum Sneak Peak

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Free 50 jewel (While stock last)

Comment with your Monster Warlord Alliance code and Server (Global, Asia, or Korea) to receive 50 jewel.


*If you could do me a favor, Please add the comment "Please rebalance Special Dungeon to allow players to have equal chance to join as the Dungeon are always taken down within a few mins (2 minutes for level 200 dungeon). Changing the Dungeon to a time based boss (1 hour) will be better instead of a hp based boss."

How should I spend my jewels?

How should I spend my Jewel??

1. Save jewels for combine.

If you do not have an ultra it is good to spend jewels on ssGod combine to obtain an Ultra... UltraMan!

Good combines to spend jewels on are ultra combine and above. Cost is 500 jewels and the reward of damage and defense increase is amazing (x4 times per rank up)

2. Buying Stats

Purchasable from in-game jewel shop 

50 jewel gives 4 stats points which in the long run gives you a mega boost in energy and stamina.

3. Buy SSGod !

At level 301, celestial eggs gives SSGod for 600 jewels when purchased.