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Monday, April 29, 2013

Here comes new monsters (Outer and Elder rank)

Here they come. Monsters that have the power to empty your wallet !

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bounty , Heal & jewel cash by [BA]Sian1/2

poster background by ei819

According to [BA]Sian1/2 the man with number(s) fetish.

Minimum Bounty Cost

(Highest level between the two players)^3    + 1000 Gold   = Minimum Bounty Cost

Highest level between the two players example:

A level 10 is higher level than a level 1, when a level 1 bounties the level 10 player, the cost is as so,

(10)^3 + 1000 = 2000 gold

It works the other way too,  when a level 10 bounties a level 1 player

(10)^3 + 1000 = 2000 gold

It is the same both ways ! The highest level between the two players is used

Maximum Bounty cost

Minimum bounty cost x 100 = Maximum Bounty Cost

Heal cost

Picture to cure [BA]Asura of his low manhood.

Heal cost :
(Level)^3 / 10 = Heal cost

Lets say you are level 10

(10)^3 / 10 = 100 gold

Jewel for gold exchange rates

10 jewel gives = 10 x (Minimum bounty price)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monster Warlord For Dummies


This will be the simple Monster Warlord Guide for Dummies.

1. Pick a class

-Pick Ranger     (If you like items)

-Pick Fighter     (If you like hitting people or innocent beings and have lots of time on your hands)

-Do not Pick Tycoon  

Ranger reduces energy cooldown by 20 seconds. allows you to get items quicker. Ranger provides fast leveling.

Fighter reduces stamina cooldown by 10 seconds. has the fastest leveling rate if you have someone to hit.

* Thanks Gene for correction

2. Stats  

(For Ranger)

-put 100 on energy then 50 stam

-put 200 energy then 100 stam

- 250 energy 200 stam is your goal

- Keep pumping energy or stam. Your choice

(For Fighter) Since you have lots of time.

-Put 100 on energy 50 stam.

-Put 150 energy 100 stam

-Put 150 energy  150 stam

-Put 200 energy 200 stam

-  Keep pumping stamina

3. Monsters

-Buy DARK monsters, the cheap ones to fill your army.

-Then upgrade to stronger dark monsters

-Refer to my Monster Build <== Click for more info.

4. Join World Boss for free jewels

-Use jewels to buy daily egg or Save it to be able to get top% attack which gives strong monsters.
  Currently at 4th April:  A Chaos rank monsters for top 20% attack (about rank 8000 in attacks)