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Friday, November 1, 2013

November update for Monster Warlord

[COMING SOON] Upcoming November Update Sneak Peak
01. Increased Daily Log-In Bonus (5 Jewels) Already Started!Daily Log-In Bonus will be increased to 5 Jewels!
You may able to retrieve 35 Jewels every week. That's 150 Jewels every month!
How? All you have to do is play Monster Warlord every day!

02. GAMEVIL Listens: Dungeon MAX Damage Cap Coming SoonAs mentioned before, we're implementing the MAX dungeon damage cap on the next update!
The MAX damages on the dungeon boss will be at 5%.

03. Water+ & Fire+ Monsters Coming SoonThe great rivalry of Water+ & Fire+ will arrive on the next update!
Check out the following link for more details.

04. Thanksgiving Special Monsters Coming Soon2 Thanksgiving themed monsters are coming!

05. Team Battle Coming SoonJoin the Team Battle and fight against the opposing team! 
There are 3 teams in the Team Battle mode: [FIRE], [WATER], [EARTH], [AIR]
Higher team standings will earn you better rewards!

06. Cartoon & Background Coming SoonNew cartoons and backgrounds will be added on the next update.

07. Improved UI Coming SoonFor better quality, there will be some changes on Skill Points and World Boss UI.

08. Enhanced Game Balance Coming Soon

*Taken from Gamevil Forum