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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The New Monster Warlord for Newbies

Recently, Gamevil has made some changes to Monster Warlord.

This calls for a revision to the guide.

Nowadays, level is very important in the game.

Not too long ago, low levels used to camp at low levels to farm monsters from dungeon. 

Now it is penalized as Team Battle and Arena has been introduced.

Let the New Guide Begin!

1. Level UP

Farm up levels as levels will allow you to gain an advantage in Team Battle, Arena and World Boss.

The higher level you are, the more points awarded in Team battle and Arena.

The higher level you are, the more stamina or energy you will have, allowing you to hit the world boss more.

2. Buy the Mines.

Mines give you 2-3 jewels every 4 hours which you will have to manually collect.

You can buy up to 3 mines

Cost of Mines:

1st: 50,000 gold

2nd: 50 jewels

3rd: 500 jewels

Mines are able to reward you with a small chance of a bonus egg (fortune egg, celestial egg)

Credits: N[Ext]2You

3. Join all Arena, Team Battle and World Boss

Your main source of obtaining monsters and some jewels

Although the jewel rewards has been reduced in the Arena, Team Battle and World Boss, the monster reward was increased.

Since all players has been impacted by this change, it is a fair change.

4. Wait for events that increase Monster Combination Success Rate

The will maximize your team potential and allow for fun (tiring) combining times.