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Monday, July 22, 2013

New upcoming update (Plus Monsters)

New monsters to be released.

Lets see what Gamevil says:

"These Plus Mosters are available at every level and is not a new, more powerful tier of units."

O.o Realizing this, these are high probable monsters that will be reward on "Normal Bosses".

I sent a mail to Gamevil months ago requesting for this. They sent the idea to the main headquaters, so lets hope its that.

Update: (25 July 2013, Pacific Time Zone) "Something HUGE is happening this Thursday (7/25), An unprecedented event of Monster Warlord that will change the face of the universe as it stands. You've been warned. Spread the word.

Link: Facebook MW fans page (New Plus Monsters)

Link: Gamevil forum Sneak Peak