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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plus monster Info + BIG BANG 2.0 update

Plus Monster can be obtained by:

1. Eggs (High chance)
2. Failed Combines
3. By combining + with another +

Credit: [BA]Kyros for picture

As of now, only Earth element plus are available.
Below are the pictures of the monsters:

Everybody loves Big Bang

Monster warlord Big Bang update

1. Combines rate (permanent?) increased to 40% for normal combine and 100% for special combine (jewel combine)

FYI: 40% combine rate means 2.5 combines for a success meaning on average 
about 3.5 ancient combines ==> 1 chaos
due to obtaining an ancient from each failure

2. Leave your suggestions and opinion on the game.
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3. Every week the Game Masters will pick 100 players and give them 50 jewels. 

Winners will be chosen from the Forum !

4. Like Gamevil Monster Warlord official fan page to increase the daily jewels!

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