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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feedbacks and Suggestions to Gamevil (Email)

Below is the email I sent to Gamevil:

Thank you for using my ideas for the game upgrade.

I will be providing some feedback from the new improvements.

1) World Chat
- Many player are not using world chat properly. It is flooded with alliance codes.

Suggestions for improvement: -Disable numbers on world chat.
                                            -Add chat rooms

2) Boss joining system
- Very happy with this change, we are now able to join old bosses, Thank You!

3) Avatar option
- Still not functioning, But I am very happy to see this!

4) Maximum level to 300
- Not applicable to most players

5) New Monsters, Items and Quests
- Not applicable to most players


Additional ideas from the players
1) Add a guild system and guild war
    - Players are able to create/disband/join/leave guilds
    - Defend the castle, use energy to defend castle from other attacking guilds. Defense heals the castle's health.
    - Attack other guild castles
    - Reward: Random stats increase, exp and gold.
    - If possible place 2 types of castles battle: 
i)One which only accounts for number of stamina and energy used.
ii) The other accounts for amount of damage and heal done.

2) Special Boss Monsters (A time based boss, unlimited health but has a timer of 24 hours, when time is up, rewards are given)
- Maybe add this as a guild summon 
- Gives tons of exp as reward after timer runs out. and maybe some special buildings as reward.

3) Event bosses.
- During special occasions (like Christmas-Snowman boss, valentines-Heart chocolate boss, New year-Fireworks boss..)
-Gives exp when hit (make it better than special boss monsters)
- Gives special monster avatars (U could maybe give a 1 attack 1 def monster avatar if the fear of overpowered people kill stealing)

I believe this are win win ideas. Many people will spend on these and Gamevil will earn more.
And the players will be happier too.

Thank you.

Gamevil's response
Thank you ! 
We will definitely keep these into consideration when we submit a new update! 
* The new update actually has a new Chat function! Hurrah!!

Best regards,
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