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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The New Update (27 Nov 2012)

There was an update on Monster Warlord on 27 Nov 2012

Here are the changes

- New Monsters 
(S God, SS God, level 201 & lvl 251 monsters)

S God and SS God have special leadership benefits

                 S God / SS God 

Fire-         10 sec / 20 sec energy cooldown decrease

Water         5 sec / 10 sec stamina cooldown decrease

Air                 50 / 100 bonus army size

Earth            5% / 10% bonus income  

Dark            1% / 2% attack boost

Holy            1% / 2% defense boost

- Enchanced boss joining system
 (Press alliance, you will see the list of bosses, scroll all the way down and press next for older bosses)

- Leader Monsters
 (We can select a display monster now, simply go to profile and press your favourite monster then press appoint as leader)

-World Chat
 (Chat with everyone in the world, The koreans are using this system well, Global server world chat is flooded with alliance code)