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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gamevil Scandal

Email from friend to Gamevil,

I hope you guys enjoy my time and effort I put into trying to help make this fair game. I also hope you guys enjoy the hundreds of dollars I spent just to have no jewel combos work and no go in my way of the percentages you guys state. I am finished with this unfair game and will not play or purchase anymore Gamevil games. It has been a complete waste of time and money to be part of this anymore, but what does it matter to you, you wont have to read anymore of my emails. Hope you keeps making the bug spenders happy so you can rake in more money for yourselfs because you have ruined thus game for normal player.


Read the last line.

"Strip people of money"

I am not liable for this image, requested upload as proof by a friend.

This email was sent by Gamevil Public Relations.

Thank you.

Gamevil's reply

Hi LeeStar,

I apologize on her behalf.
But I would like to point out that she was simply quoting the user.
The effect should have resulted in a response in the fashion of:
A good balance between a challenging game that is entertaining and a game that "seeks to strip people of their money"
Regardless, I apologize on behalf of her and GAMEVIL.
Please know that we care about our users and would never degrade them in any fashion.

Best regards,
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kaboom's Email to gamevil

hi gamevil.
I was always a fan of your games since i first played cartoon wars.
I play Monster Warlord for 3 - 4 months now every single day and it was just amazing fun. But now the game is strictly unfair for non spenders or like me little spenders. I read an email you sent to a player were you was saying something about: "strip peoples money". Sorry but you should be ashamed. That is so Gam_Evil. I have nothing more to say just please right me back and respond to that
Thank You.
PS: Sorry for my bad english I'm german


Gamevil's response

Hi Kaboom,

I just want you to know that GAMEVIL would never taunt any of our users in the manner described in that quote.
Please know that the "quote" was taken completely out of context. 
If you were to read the entire e-mail, you would be shocked at how only that single quote was taken and manipulated to convey a nasty response, when in reality we put a lot of thought into our e-mail.
We care about our users and would never do anything of that nature.
Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,
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