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Monday, January 28, 2013


Have you ever seen something like this in the game?


Well that [something] stands for the clan name.

One of the first clans in MW was called [Ace]

Well, It got disbanded because of too many random people joining it.

1. How to join a clan?

Ask a guild leader of a clan.

2. If they accept you. What next?

You will have to save up 30 jewels for a name change. Ask the guild members how to write the guild name properly. Then write it.

3. What if I join without consulting or getting permission. 

Some guild members will abuse you with insults or same tamer guild will not care

4. What?! There's no official clan system?

Yup. Right now. Me and [Ext]Chikn are trying to get gamevil to get us one.

5. Need their codes? 

Get it from my chatty alliance post.


1. [Ace]    

Founder: [Ace]Anna      I 'm pretty sure

Official members: (1) [Ace] Lucky.M
                              (2) [Ace] Borja

This one the oldest guild I know. As I said disbanded because of the flooding of unknown people.

2. [©®€]    

Founder: ®€]Dawg                a.k.a. Redawg       <--- Leader     

Famous members: (1)  [©®€] Stub               a.k.a. Stubbz
                                  (2)  ®€] Silc                 a.k.a Silchas
                                  (3) ®€]Matt
                                  (4) ®€]Fsun

Official members: (1) ®€]Clam
                                (2) ®€]Osc
                                (3) ®€]Alv~

Requirements to join: I member requirement was 2 mil minimum damage. Ask Dawg when you see him. Btw, found that pic from the interweb.

Meaning of ®€]  ?  Knowing dawg. It most probably Copyrighted and reserved Erection :p

3. [Ex]

Founder: [Ex]Nash     (Quited)               

Famous members: (1)  [Ex]Siro         <-- Leader
                             (2) [Ex]Chikn      <---General
                             (3) [Ex]★1D
                             (4) [Ex]LuNa

Meaning of [Ex]?  Hmm . Extreme X-rated team? Excaliber? Hmm..

4. [HD]

Founder: [HD] Mad GZA     a.k.a. Trixie                <--- Might be leader, or just the Great&Powerful Trixie)

Famous members: (1) [HD] JinnyQ

Rather new guild. [HD] ? High Def? Heavy Duty? Hipsters Den? Hot Dude/Dudettes?

Apparently: Honorable Destruction...

I preferred Hot dudes and dudettes =3=


Founder: [InDo]☆FX☆

Official members: (1) [InDo]TwinY
                            (2) [InDo]★Zyg

[InDo] stands for Indonesia. Its a country.

6. ITK

Founder: ITK♠|Leon   &  ITKMudokon   

Official members:   (1) ITKStifler
                             (3) ITK♠SunGod
                             (2) ITK♠Raven

 ITKis officially known as ITalian Knights. 

7. [LTE]                                   


Famous members: (1) [LTE] Warp
                             (2) [LTE] Angel
                             (3) [LTE]-il

[LTE] is a Korean clan. It came out after [Ace] clan surfaced. 

Possible meaning of LTE = Long Term Evo

8. [THAI]


Famous members: (1) [THAI]JaBa     [729 942 5365]

[THAI] Stands for Thailand. Its a country. Search it up.