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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Leveling techniques

Stamina buddy system

Tired of leveling at a slow pace. Fear no more !

Stamina buddy is here !

Now what is this stamina buddy?

Well stamina buddy are the allies in Monster Warlord which you can exchange attacks on each other.

Preferably defense low enough for you to hit, and same goes for the other party.

The more you fight with your friend, the more exp you will gain.

Exp gained per hit ranges from 1~5. On average you will gain 3 exp per hit.

How to use

1) Get someone you trust.

2) Completely drain your stamina a.k.a. keep hitting that friend while your friend heals when his/her health falls below 26 hp.

3) Your friend's turn. Or you could repay later when your friend needs it.

Quest optimizing

Do quests until you have mastered them. Mastery gives lots of exp, so remember to do so.

Secret technique

The fastest legal leveling technique. Shall be kept secret. Shh.

Get banned technique

Use hack and await ban. jumps from level 1 - 100 in few minutes.

HELP OUT ☆LeeStaR★ !
If you would like to help me out in my leveling,
Allow me to drain my stamina on you.
Whether its 10 hits or 50 or 100, I'll be happy :D

If you are of low attack, you could attack me to give me some exp and drain your hp for boss fight rewards.

If you are unable to hit me, please send me a message .

Thank you. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.