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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BA Clan Feature

BA is short for Bounty Apprehenders.

This a rather new clan with an obsession for Bounties and Bounty Hunting.

Lets break the words down shall we.

According to Mr Google here:


  1. Generosity; liberality.
  2. Abundance; plenty.

  1. Arrest (someone) for a crime.
  2. Understand or perceive.

So, therefore the Bounty Apprehenders generously arrest people for their crime.

In other words, if they spot someone with a bad ass on the bounty list, they will gladly give a spanking until they come of the bounty list.

Notice the bad ass locate at the bounty list.

That is a must must must to target!

Well you can also find some BA clan members on the bounty list.

How do I join BA clan?

To join you will need to be recommended by one of the existing BA clan members

Friendly and easy to mingle with.


[BA]Alv : Singaporeans and Girls

[BA]兔妈: Rabbit lovers

[BA]Royalmon: Glasses geek fetish

[BA]WJ: Tattoo lovers/ Long haired guys

[BA]Asura: Fan of Kelvin x Ikaros

Then the clan members will discuss it among their group.

If you are accepted, you will be brought to a special chat room.

So, go make friends.