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Monday, February 11, 2013

Player Feature: [CRE]King

Rapper [CRE]King

Here. This the man, [CRE]King

He's a rapper and made a wicked rap for monster warlord. 
Check him out. Video is below.

Alliance code: 631-385-2346     Global

Tip: For better sound quality increase to 720p or 1080p




ay its KING bitch, dont act like i aint fuckin known
im that DUDE, with fire monsters all around his fuckin throne
yeah i might be in the chat, but that, dont mean im fuckin home
im out, drunk on patrone, at 3AM, on my fuckin fone

cuz im waitin on my stam man, plus i got alot of energy
ppl hate u when ur doing good, so i got alot of enemies
they talk shit, hit, lose, now they wanna be friends with me
tell em pussies, only my bruhs from CRE, are kin with me

the boss, dawg, yeah he been a G, i got a bill from my homie sil
and me and matt, go way back, at LV100 trappin on the hill
plus we keep it real, yo shouts out to my dude drift
the whole world watched as PASTAR pulled that bullshit

Hazard...thats a cool kid, yeah everyday me and him spar
we were some young uppin comers, now, we fuckin hit hard
stackin money to ceilin, i spent ur whole account on some buildings
and if u wanna fight, dont even try, unless ur attack is in the millions


all my rivals, i killed em, i beat higher lvls til their cents-less
u better put all that money in the bank, or at least up your defences
my game is tremendous, u went dark, and i went wind/fire
u try to combine to catch up, but ur stats go down and mine get higher

go for ugods, then retire, while i get back to my trappin
got em kids, cleanin out, their account, while i sit back and im laughin
fire ancients thats what im stackin, i catch em hidin in the valley
ill kill any kid, from the backstreets, u can find them in the ally

ay im on another level, where bitches, send me their digits
and where lvl 200 summons, dont even last, fifteen minutes
we take 500 million and then throw it at these bitches
come back with full energy and then go and handle business

everyday is christmas, cuz every summon is a gift from us
u wanna learn to be the best?, then kid sit down and listen up
ur stats fix em up, and dont combine, if its too risky bruh
only hunt with a radar, and only if catch rate is 60 plus


high levels fuck with me bruh, i got all the sluts on my side dude
the only thing u might have is a fat noob, showing u some side boob
my gurl jinny, is really friendly, guys think shes cute and funny
so they do anything she says which involves givin me all their money

shit i gotta wall of hunnies, from the USA to japan kid
yeah im just runnin game, while i run the game, they think of me as THE MAN, kid
when i approch kids panic, especially when im in need of bounties
i one hit these lil shits, then on my wall all ull see is frownies

i hit hard like weed in brownies, yeah ur gonna get messed up
awww ur outta hp, thats cool, ill just camp u for when u rest up
everyone in my crew, got the shoes, hat, bag, and the necklace
what? yall aint got none of that? dam then u need to get ur quests up

we the best nothing less bruh, on world boss we all rank high
oh u think, ur like us?, then uve got a billion in the bank right?
plus we all got jewels, and dude we didnt even have to buy em
and we'd never have to purchase monsters, cuz we know how to find em


tell me what u know about grinding, over two weeks, for one sword
or trashing ur whole army cuz u got an s-god, and u want one more
or dying for that one whore, that can totally be a game changer
u cant imagine how fast energy, comes back, if u play ranger

ur all in the same danger, cross my path, get cut in half
imma wizard with numbers, dude i work magic with my math
even play it in the bath, room, when i take a shit
plus i flush out competition just like that, u cant make me quit

my defense u cant break it kid, im balanced, built like a log
LEESTAR, is the best ever, i got all my skill, from her blog
we roll in like summer fog, and we roll out, like mac trucks
with a army, fulla monsters, u dont wanna come at us

ay whats up @tucks, she like, nothing, bout to take naps
and evryday they ask, can u kill my phoenix?, and i hate that
top rank i make that, and no im not cool, with that kid venom
i love this game, i shud change my name, to charlie sceen, cuz im WINNING

SHOUT OUTS...ALL OF CRE...ext, mlg,

Dawg, matt, drift, siro, sil,
zbucket, salmon, osc, luigi, beast, fsun, trap, tramp, chikin,

mjp, ange, jinny, sal, tucks, leestar, 

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO HAZARD and my gurl Drgiggles, her code = 4046886640