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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The CRE and bA clan issues

As many players have noticed.

Many CRE players have changed clan to bA clan.

Words of [bA]Alv to me to share for all :

" As you know.. most of the sg members in cre felt that cre was falling apart with the absence of dawg, plus recruitment was temporarily halted... or so it seemed."

"So I spoke to sil (Silchas) about me helping out with recruitment and etc.."

"sil was okay with me helping out since he's (Silchas) usually busy keeping his head alive on bounty."

"Messaged dawg on palringo.. and unfortunately for him.. and my bad, the sg(Singapore) members of CRE and I preceived his response as cold."

" We presumed wrongly.. as per what you seen yesterday night(US time) on WhatsApp."

"So after much and careful discussion, we decided to come out with bA(Bounty Apprehenders) to bond the supposedly "lost souls" of cre as we thought dawg to be nonchalent as he wanted to quit back with the nw U-God update."

"Along side with his response last night, the misunderstanding was deepened as we thought he wouldnt care less."

"As for me, I owe dawg an apology for taking such an extreme approach by causing a clan split indirectly"

"All I wanted to was to reunite cre people under a group again.. be it under a different clan tag."

"I never thought myself as a clan leader and whatnot."

"I see us as a team. A MW family. In any case, after speaking to dawg again.. where I got carried away at certain moments... I realized that it was all but a big misunderstanding."

"However, whats done cannot be undone... no point crying over splilled milk."

"Life is simple.. never look back.. so bA will stay, and we welcome all cre members to join us if they are willing.. or we could form an alliance like brothers watching over each others back."

"Lastly, sorry dawg. I'm grateful for the things he has helped and shared. "

"Sincere apologies"