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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

and hackers banned SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE GUIDE
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I have received an email from gamevil :D yay !!
The response are as followed

We have sent your suggestions to our developers.
Thank you!
As for your your question, gamevil live allows you to login through a different phone.

Google Play (Android Market):
Apple App Store:

We have addressed the hacking issues with our latest hack.
Thank you for your concern!
Please continue reporting users as you see them.
Thank you!



Dear all,

I have sent an email to Gamevil regarding an issue and some improvements

It is as so,

Gamevil developers,

Thank you for making this fun game,

RE: Monster Warlord Account and Monster Warlord Game Improvement

Regarding the title above, I have a question and some suggestions.

1) Are we able to recover our game accounts if we change phones? If so, please do tell us how.


1) Search function for alliance member list ( So that we can find our friends easily)

2) Enable custom avatars for chat, or at least allow us to choose which monsters we want as our avatar.

3) Special daily luck draw, players login and enter lucky draw, this is encourage more players to be active and more players joining the game. Maybe 100 draws for bronze prize, 50 draws for silver prize and 10 draws for special prize. (Reward: special lucky draw only monsters, free stat points or gold or something special +.+)

4) Special chat, allow players to filter chat by creating a special chat room, since Monster Warlord is a social game.

5) Bonus rewards for bossing, a chance for a random special reward for dealing a certain number of damage/attacks to certain normal bosses. But set it so that the higher levels will not kill steal lower level bosses or rich players participating in multiple bosses at once.

I do not demand that you fulfill every demand, but it would be great if the team could do so.

Thank You,
LeeStar (Global server)

I have players supporting my ideas, please visit  for more information. 

Thank You