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Monday, October 8, 2012

LeeStar Monster Warlord Guide

>>>>>> click archieves for other materials !
Updated v.1.6
-Added Paintballin's monster combination guide
-Added New updated pictures

Link to Gamevil forum thread

Welcome to Monster Warlord by Gamevil 

\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Hi, I am LeeStar in the game Monster Warlord, Global server. 

I have not seen any guides for the game, so I'll be creating one. I understand its only the basics, I might be adding the advanced strategies next time. 

This guide will include the basics for the game.

Use (Control + F) to find (Example : Control + F then type in 1.1 quest)

1.1 Quest
1.2 Monster
1.3 Battle
1.4 Boss
1.5 Building
1.6 Monster Combine
1.7 Alliance 
1.8 Bank
1.9 Cure
1.10 Shop

You will notice that you will have energy and stamina

1) Energy 

Energy is used to finish quests and has a base recharge time of 5 minutes.

2) Stamina 

Stamina is used for battle and bossing ヽ(#`Д ' )/

Lets start with 


Well press DO IT to complete the quest using energy

The energy required and alliance member required are listed on the quest box

When you complete a quest:

You gain
i) Gold (money)

ii) XP (Experience to level up)

iii) Mastery ?!
-Mastery allows you to master the quest, Giving you bonus XP and Gold uopn mastering the quest (reaching 100% mastery on the quest)

-Upon mastery all the quest in the stage, You will get a nifty item reward 
like this:

and even more!

These are your badass minions
They contribute to your attack and defense

I suggest stocking up on the 1st and 2nd dark and holy monsters as they do not have upkeep cost (I'll discuss upkeep later on)

By clicking battle, we have 4 options
i) fight rivals
ii) bounty
iii) alliance revenge
iv) Bossing


This is where you will fight other players

Press attack to attack (duh) XD



If you win, you will gain (1-5 XP) and some gold, Good way to level up
If you lose, you will gain 1 XP
Doesn't matter if you win or lose, you will lose health

When health reaches under 26, you cant attack or be attacked (unless someone places a bounty on you)

This is all up to chance and luck. If you're lucky, it might land you a huge pile of money, that is if you managed to make the other player 0 health.

Bounty kills help you unlock an achievement:

iii) Alliance Revenge. 
When someone hates you, they might put you on this revenge list. A whole horde of his/her alliance members will constantly attack you. 
Cost 10 jewels to cast this though 

1.4 Boss
iv) Bossing 
(The Best most fun part of the game)

This is splitted into 3
i) Normal Boss
ii) World Boss
iii) Summon Boss

i) Normal Bosses

Step 1.
Look for boss summons through News>Alliance>Join Boss

But sometimes you are too late and the boss is already dead, so quickly join if you see a good boss.

Step 2.
Attack the boss. You will gain gold for hitting boss too 

Step 3. 
Collect bounty when or if boss dies. The best way to earn money 

*Tip : Only summon boss when you have high/ full stamina, so that you can hit the boss

ii) World Boss
Happens 24 hours after the other world boss dies

Jewel and also Monsters If you are in the ranks (yipee)

Ranks (Will change in the future)

1.5 Building
Its sorta like a business investment. You buy the house, the house will give you money every hour (Tycoons gain bonus 5%)

Building cost will increase for each building you buy, even if you buy in bulk

After 1 purchase

You might be wondering, what is upkeep?
Well, when you purchase certain monsters (Above level 21 monsters), they have upkeep, meaning that you will have to have income to support them. Sorta like a family, you have to feed them constantly.

1.6 Monster Combine
This is the gambling part of the game

Rewarding but risky

Gem is used to increase success rate 

Table for fusion, Successful fusion combines the two monsters into 1 monster of higher tier. Highest tier is God tier.

Monster tier l Cost to fuse l Jewels for advanced fusion
Uncommon l 10 000 l 10
Rare l 50 000 l 10
Epic l 400 000 l 10
Legendary 2 000 000 l 10
Ancient l 10 000 000 l 20
Chaos l 20 000 000 l 50 -- (thx Railbot for correction)
Ultimate l 40 000 000 l 300 ----(thx Luck Master for info)
God l ----  l  ----- l

REFER TO Paintballin's guide for combinations . Thank Lots Paint ! 


The Alliance is your source of power. Ever heard of " United we stand, Divided we fall" ?

To start, try clicking the alliance symbol on the top right screen.

How to add alliance?

Well add alliance by typing other player's alliance code into the box. (Make sure they are in the same server and also click the request button )

Where to find codes, 
1) Some players will message you their code
2) Find codes from the chat room in bosses. Especially world boss.
3) World Chat.

The fastest way to gain alliance member is by adding them yourself. 

You can also share your code by clicking the copy button

Then message someone, by clicking the player's avatar > clicking message > hold finger on chat box > select paste option > click post

Alliance is useful for getting more bosses, and making new friends! (< Might be more fun than bossing) 

My best friends in my alliance are Luck MasterRailBotTyJalat and Ane(Her name is written weirdly)

Nice players : Tucks, FRIEND, Wolf

Honorable pervert: Redawg

*Beware of pervert and bad people, do not give out personal information. Please report them in this forum if you have been cyber bullied.

I am against bullying !

1.8 Bank

The Bank

The Bank, Where you keep your money, sadly it does'nt give interest :C

However they charge a fee of 20% when you store the money.

Bank allows you to keep your money safe from theives (other players Xp)

When players attack you, and if they win, they will gain some of your money. Unless you have kept your money !

Always store the money, buy properties or buy monsters for a powerful army with your money. (Or fuse monsters if you're feeling lucky)

1.9 CURE

When your Hit Points are below 26 you cannot attack any players, but you can attack the bosses 

If you still want to hit players, Go to Home > Cure > Press Healing

This will fully heal you, by the way, Unfavorable to add points to your health until you are at a higher level.

When you are full health someone might attack you, 
* Reminder store your money or buy something before healing

1.10 Shop

Obtainable through:

i) Buying from the Shop with REAL LIFE MONEY
ii) Gaining jewel from world boss
iii) Look out for free 25 jewels on Gamevil facebook page
iii) Becoming lucky by gaining a BONUS on normal bosses ! Its like a Monster Warlord SECRET !
iv) Login for daily free jewel 

i) 1 U.S. dollar is worth 10 jewels

ii) (refer to world boss charts above)

iii) Be sure to like the Gamevil page on facebook to be updated on their next jewel giveaway~

iv) Free 1 jewel everyday, just by logging in

What can you buy with Jewel?

Check the shop 

Please note that the stamina and energy recharge only recharges maximum of 50 stamina or 50 energy.

What should you spend Jewels on?

If you're of a low level, spent it constantly on 5 jewel egg. Its good for low levels. And much better cost-wise than 50 and 300 jewel eggs.

Its so good, that they had to limit the eggs to 24 hours per purchase Xp

You can also save it for world boss to land a few more hits, if you feel lucky.

By the way, Thanks you Luck Master

The monster egg upgrades at lvl 61 and lvl 81 and XXX

Moving up a tier each

At lvl 61, you are able to get Chaos from egg and epic as a minimum

At lvl 81, 50 and 300 jewel egg upgrades,
50 jewel- 5 % ultimate
300 jewel - 100% ultimate

At lvl 101 , you are able to get Ultimate from egg and legendary as minimum

At lvl 251, you are able to get God from egg